Microsoft Termminal Services Client /admin replaces /console

Clients love me so much they want to see me in their building everyday.  I wouldn't say that my clients have crappy equiptment they jsut don't buy the same stuff I would.  So I go to work.  Terminal services into my network from the clients office.  So I used to use mstsc /v:myServer /f /console  v is for serVer f is for full screen and console . . . well that puts me on the console session.  It's nice this way becasue when I get local I can just log in and everything is the way I left it.  well as of recent mstc 6.1 I bleive console has been replaced with admin.  so instead of /console its now /admin.  /console doens't give you an error, it jsut doesn't do any thing.  I wonder why they couldn't have just reused the console switch to makE ADMIN DO WHAT IT DOES NOW!!!! 


#1 Dan Usher on 8.02.2008 at 3:37 PM

Funny enough, a colleague of mine kept having problems yesterday and was like, "I can't remote into the console anymore after installing XP SP3."My only response was, have you looked at the argument switches to see if they've changed (knowing that they had)?The joys of being a command line junky and checking with good ole mstsc /?

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