BDC Meta Man reads writes and could be used to make more robust lookups?

Nick Swan and crew has just hit a home run with the newest release of the BDC Meta Man.  Now you can create, read and update data that resides outside of SharePoint.  This request comes to me all the time, "How can we use SharePoint to maintain data in our _______ system?".  The thinking is they want to have the same functionality that a list has but be able to point to their own data store.  Well, now with the new BDC Meta Man, you can do even better.  Because the BDC Meta Man generates all of the code, you get a nice foundation from wich to start adding your own validation etc. 

So you can't delete records in the third party system yet, but I'll bet it's not far behind.

Something that I've been thinking about lately is could you use the bdc to overcome the short comming of the lookup fields in a SharePoint list.  What you would do is write a wrapper around the getListItems of the lists web service to be used with teh BDC.  Now you could have a robust lookup for your custom list.

What might even be cooler is that the BDC Meta Man has a special tab for lists?  Just like it does for webservices and databases, but the SharePoint tab would let you set the server and drill down through the sites and into the lists, then the views and perhaps even write the where clause.  Maybe the thinking is that wouldn't be useful?

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