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Another test

This is another test


This is a test

Microsoft Termminal Services Client /admin replaces /console

Clients love me so much they want to see me in their building everyday. I wouldn't say that my clients have crappy equiptment they jsut don't buy the same stuff I would. So I go to work. Terminal services into my network from the clients office. So I used to use mstsc /v:myServer /f /console v is for...

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Apply Versioning to Features: A HowTo for SharePoint Developers

It's a well known fact that versioning webparts is a real pain in the butt. Big Jim in DC and I have been pondering, searching the Internet and discussing what are some good ways to version web parts and features. Today we decided to do something about it and came up with a simple strategy. Use pre-build...

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BDC Meta Man reads writes and could be used to make more robust lookups?

Nick Swan and crew has just hit a home run with the newest release of the BDC Meta Man . Now you can create, read and update data that resides outside of SharePoint. This request comes to me all the time, "How can we use SharePoint to maintain data in our _______ system?". The thinking is they want to...

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SharePoint Jobs

My pal Pirooz just showed me http://www.justsharepointjobs.com/ This is a pretty interesting site not only does it have jobs but it seems to have some pretty good references. They list some blogs and sites, but they also listed conferences. I thought that was cool. You can't even get a list of all up...

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Patrick Tisseghem has just written a couple of articles for MSDN on building Windows SharePoint Services solution with Visual Studio 2005 Extensions. Well a couple of articles is putting it lightly it's 58 pages of printed material that is more than a starting point it's everything you need to know to...

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Biometric Authentication for SharePoint

Adam Buenz has gone over the edge with Forms Based Authentication by creating a provider for finger print authentication. http://www.sharepointsecurity.com/blog/sharepoint/sharepoint-2007-development/biometric-authentication-for-sharepoint/...

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12 Laws Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of

I just read " 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know " (I can't figure out who wrote it), it's about laws that affect bloggers. A few of these points have been debated for a while amongst fellow bloggers. The article details appropriate behaviour to keep us out of trouble, but the thing that...

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A SharePoint developer class

On my birthday, Glen Block , blogged about a new developer course geared to SharePoint AND developers, what a gift! Now when people ask me how to get started with SharePoint development I can send them to https://www.microsoftelearning.com/eLearning/offerDetail.aspx?offerPriceId=119608 Well he didn't...

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